born to make your home UNIQUE!

Il marchio Euroarredo nasce con l'obiettivo di trasmettere quelle sensazioni che solo il legno, in grado di offire il comfort necessario ad ogni persona, riesce ad evocare.

Our master craftsmen make each interior decoration a unique work, handcrafted masterpieces expertly groomed in every single detail.

Who we are

Since 1986 we perform to serve our customers. We boast an ultra-decennial experience in the furniture field, acquiring through the years a wide range of products for interior decoration.

Coordinated by several master craftsmen we are able to also provide furnishings and furniture tailored giving always an added value that shapes the product, according to the requirement of the customer. All skillfully blending with the maestry of an expert artisan.

Our laboratories

We always give uniqueness to our furniture, embellishing with classic paintings, gold and silver leaves, a timeless touch of class.

We are specialized in the production and design of of customizable furniture with sample finishes, thanks to the use of ancient techniques, for example those that avail themselves of the assistance of waxes and patinas, but also gilding, brushwork and hand lacquering.


Our skilled carpenters are able to realize also the more original solutions. With us you can personalize your furniture with the measures suitable to your needs.


We design and build unique furniture, respecting the tradition of the wooden furniture and by applying the latest technology for the materials of the new generation.


We create by following a precise philosophy: the search for beauty and refined, a precise and reliable execution destined to last through the time, without forgetting the style.

Italian quality

If you want to decorate with style and quality your rooms, choose the true Italian craft furniture. With Euroarredo you have the assurance to find the real Made in Italy!